Friday, August 29, 2014

My six word story

Is anyone really lazy everyone moves.

My Bedroom

My Bedroom
Here is my room I have a lot  of things in my room I have a basketball with a mini hoop that broke cause my brother had to try to dunk on it and fall on his butt. I also have a dog kennel  that my dog chips lives in but not all the time.  Some of the other stuff in my room are a laundry basket full of me and my brothers clothes.  We have to share a basket because they are right next to each other i have to go through his room to get out of our rooms.  On my shelves i have porcelain dolls, snow globes, and lots of monster cans.  In my closet I have a desk and a file box thing I go into my closet to do homework in the peace and     quiet.  I have two dressers filled with clothes and books.  This is all I have for shelves. 

The things I have  on my wall. I have posters on my wall that are for a specific band an when you look at them you can almost hear the music they sing. I also have two turtles ones in my closet and the other is on my dresser i feed and water them and i clean their tanks.  The last thing in my room is my fold up bed with my purple sheets and red blanket and pillow that my aunt beth made me when I was two and a half. I fold my bed up every day cause it gives me more space in my room.  I’m not very rich but the stuff i have is priceless so I’m not poor in the stuff i have because all the stuff i have makes me very rich.I’m rich beyond measure.