Friday, October 31, 2014

Our School Ghost

Melody W.
English 7 period 2
The school ghost

Have you ever heard the legend of the ghost that haunted our school?  O’Neill Public High School got a new friend on March 31 2000; she was an amazing little spirit even though she was poisoned by the lunch room food. The legend is that when you go to class listen in the very distant halls you can here singing cause we all know that Sky Rocket Rene loved to sing. As she roams the halls of OHS you can hear faint singing or lockers slamming. She was a bright little thing she wears a neon shirt and skinny jeans also neon green sneakers to make her eyes pop. Sky Rocket was a brilliant young thing she got good grades and she was bullied so now she protects the teens that get bullied from the bullies.
            For one she may just be a brainy little long minded, short tempered, noisy, life like, intelligent, brilliant, and tolerant ghost. She is a special little girl with long beautiful blonde hair with blue and red highlights. She is special and very murderous to homework she is very nice to the people that don’t bully others for no apparent reasons. She is transparent it seems like no one can see her but she doesn’t know that cause they know that she is real and that she is there they just don’t egnollage that she is there. She lingers around the school singing a slightly creepy tune that goes dadaduh dadadauh da da dauh daduh its kind of creepy when your studying history sometimes she will scare the new kids cause they never pay any attention to us when we tell them that there is a ghost.
            On the day of Halloween there was a spooky sound coming from the girls bathroom it sounded like locker doors slamming, but there are no lockers in the girls bathroom so it couldn’t have been locker doors. I go into the restroom and I see Sky Rocket she was making the noise don’t ask me how but there was ectoplasm everywhere. I was so mad because I had to use the restroom and the new kid walked in and asked me who was I yelling at but then she hears a faint screaming and guess who its from Sky Rocket Rene.

            Well we all learned that if you come to OHS never ignore us when we try to tell you about Sky. She is a devious smart little girl be where she is coming for you bullies watch your selves. LOCK YOUR LOCKERS BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHO’S NEXT…

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hogwarts Holloween Feast

Melody W. 

English 7  Period #2

Hogwarts halloween Feast            It is Halloween as always at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.  Halloween is the best time of the year you can eat anything from spinach to the horrid sour crout. As always me and Ronald Weasly, and Hermione Granger sit next to each other while mean time Nevel Long bottom smells like explosion and looks like it too he must have blown something up.  The food is brilliant like always the platters are empty and shining then they use an enchantment and the food appears. We have Chicken, turkey, pancakes, hamburgers, spaghetti, lasagna, bacon, eggs, dear meat, etc.
            When Ron, Hermione, and I finish eating, the food disappears and leaves the platters squeaky clean. Then after a while here comes the desert we have Pie, cake, candy of all sorts, sugar cookies, and frog eye sweet pie, mean time while we are eating Malfoy starts a food fight with Nevel we think its ridiculous. The sodas are sizzling in the pitchers we have any kind of pop from Dr. Pepper-never stop eating potions.
            Now we are done with the feast we are so full that we can’t move.  We are going to have to sit here forever. I really should learn not to use the never stop eating potion it lasts until the feast is over. We are sitting in the main room of the Gryffindor head courters and Nevel comes in and falls onto the floor he must have eaten way too much.

We will be talking about the feast in the Great Hall for days. We will never forget the fact that we had to fight a troll to save Hermione because she is our best friend and we care about her a lot. If we could we would do anything for her. We had to go and be put into a deep slumber and woke up ready to go to for a new wonderful spectacular day.