Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Melody Poem for english

Melody W.
English 7
Period 2

It means colorful, musical, loud
Its the number 16
It is bright and a lime kind of color
It is a big family get together
It is the memory of Mystykal
Who taught me Friendship, and Fun
My name is Melody
It means music because that is the thing i care about more than anything...

Friday, November 14, 2014



What is freedom? Freedom to me means believing in our soldiers. Our soldiers have.  choices but they chose to fight for our country and they sacrificed their lives for us and our country. They sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  Americans often define what  freedom means by speaking about our choices, our flag, and the past. 

You know we all are responsible for our country we have choices and the ones who choose to fight for our country we should respect them they have the right to be respected. They had the choice to go or to stay but they were the ones who will sacrifice their lives for our country, and our freedom. Us Americans take that for granted we don’t realize that they are out on the field risking their lives for us and our freedom. 
We have the choice to respect that or take it for granted and most of us take it for granted a lot of us do not  respect it we take it for granted.  You know the U.S. take a lot of things for granted we really need to think wisely and realize that we are killing people by declaring war we need to make the choice to make peace with the countries. The U.S. we kinda act like we don’t care about any of this but you know you can ask us anything and we really do care what happen we care more than people think. 
We are on to the president well the president could do a little better at his job and I’m not saying this to be mean because I have nothing against our president to be honest. But he could be a little nicer to some of the people when he made the Mrs. Obama weight program he kind of made it seem like it was against the law to be a little over weight i mean seriously he has the choice to make this program yeah but we should have a choice to do it if we want or not he changed our school foods and stuff we like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I really wish that he would make the choice to get rid of the weight helper in schools.

Our flag the stars mean a lot they show that we fought for the fifty state that we have and we really care about that.  The thirteen stripes represent our first thirteen colonies in our country,  I know thats not a lot but back then that was a lot and we should respect our flag, yes we say the pledge to the flag every morning but we could do a little more than that.  What do the colors on the flag stand for?"The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valor, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.”   We love our country! :) When Americans think about freedom our soldiers have choices, and they also think about our flag, also they think about the past.  What does freedom mean to you? Do you love our country as much as i do? We have so much in our world and we just take it for granted.