Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Creative writing

The Mistake 
Hey I'm Melody and I have come from Earth but I am trapped on Mars with my 2 best friends. We asked our parents if we could ride in the space ship and they said no and wouldn't give us a reason why so we did it anyway. They kept telling us it was up to them  to keep it from us and now here we are 3, 13 year old girls trapped on Mars we have been here for nearly 2 years.  We wanted to see what space looked like and well now we know we are just lucky we brought enough oxygen tanks to last us forever and we brought food and water.  Your probably wondering why are you stuck on Mars well I'm going to tell you, Me and my friends just had to take the one that had the check engine light going off and then it distracted us and we crash landed into a crater on Mars. So our space ship is pretty messed up but its not my fault I'm not the one that was piloting the space ship my bast friend Mystykal was because all she wanted to tell us before we left was how great she could pilot an space ship. We decided to leave the space ship around the beginning of the 2nd year and now we have something following us we realized it was following us when we looked back and there was a 4th shadow and we saw what it looked like it was an alien and it was so scary looking it had green and white skin, with orange and blue eyes, this thing was hideous.  When we realized something was following us we started running back to the space ship and i tripped and fell and Mikyla grabbed me and picked me up and helped me get back to the space ship. We got to the space ship and we fixed the space ship and went home. When we got home we went straight to our parents and they were so scared... But it was still following us...

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