Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Report

Los Angeles California

What do you think of when you think of California? When I think about California I think of sandy beaches l also think of Carnivals and lots and lots of fun. Los angeles California is a great place to go to meet up with friends and stroll around town or take a long walk on the beaches. You could go HollyWood and walk on the HollyWood walk of fame. The time has come to make fun in the sun in Los angeles California, but there are also a lot of sights to see and food to eat, but my favorite thing to do is go and skateboard at the skate parks lets have a adventure together.
I know for a fact that there are a lot of food trucks and hotdog stands just sitting around waiting for a good customer to come around the corner you could walk on up to and eat the best food ever.  You could go to Mc. Donalds  and  eat a big mac or you could go to almost any fast food restaurant but it might not be the best food ever. There is a really nice restaurant called The Little Door they use candles for light in the night and they have beautiful plants and they have really nice servers they have a good rating I would definitely eat here if I were you.
Skateboarding people think that skateboarding isn't a sport but people skateboard for competitions and for fun but if I were you i would go to this skate park Rowley Park Skate Plaza Gardena, CA they have a lot to offer you for practice and for fun and so does these other skate parks, Belvedere Skate Park East Los Angeles, CA this one is a little different it has a lot of rales and half pipes you can skateboard on the next one for you to look into is, Venice Skate Park California these skate parks are some of the best parks to go to they are the most recommended 
You should come to L.A. just to see the sights they offer they have a wonderful car museum with beautiful cars they aren't new but they are gorgeous.  You could go to the HolyWood walk of fame and look at all the names and stars that are there and see if your favorite is there. There  are many great things to do and look at in California.
The time has come for our adventure to end but don't leave forever come to California and search and experience the wonderful places. There are a lot of things for you to do don't be a bum get out there and have some fun look at the world around you never know how much time you got. You have enough time to  sit on the shores of the beaches ride around in Skateparks go to the Little Door and have some food, and go Walk on the walk of fame  its wonderful how many fun things you can do when actually search for them. Have fun! 

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